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Wolff Specialties is a Pacific Northwest conversion center and Dan Wolff is a certified trainer/installer who installs a variety of conversion systems. When your fleets are converted and installed by Wolff Specialties, it does not affect the manufacturers' OEM warranty.


Wolff Specialties will provide ongoing conversion service and support for all our conversion company customers. Combined with ongoing technical and safety support, our company customers can rest assured they will have the help they need, when they need it.

Having a Certified Conversion Center in the Pacific Northwest will not only offer the top EPA equipment in America, but also the top equipment is available right here in our community. Wolff Specialties will bring quality and craftsmanship to the field of propane autogas alternative fuels.

Keeping your clean Go Green fleets on track and functional is our goal.

  • Full customer service and diagnostic capabilities
  • Technical and maintenance support
  • Ongoing safety support for your company employees
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