To Unite interested propane autogas beneficiaries to promote the advancement of propane use in vehicles and equipment as a viable, safe, clean, affordable, and recognized alternative fuel for the future, while utilizing one of America's own natural resources.

Our mission is to create a group of "hands on" technical members that are dedicated to working together to promote propane autogas and continue building the propane industry. Our goals are to have everyone involved from propane vehicle systems manufacturers, system installers and service points, manufacturer and installers of fueling infrastructure, propane fuel suppliers, propane fuel retailers and fleet administrators, to be able to provide education and solutions to users of propane autogas.

Our core resolve is that this is an "Industry Opportunity" and our attitudes within the group will be an "Industry First" agenda.

Visit the United Propane Autogas Solutions Group (UPAS) for additional resources below:



UPAS Members in the Northwest


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