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When the Going Gets Tough - The Tough Go Green

Landscape contractor's mowing fleets are becoming more commonplace and why?

The two biggest reasons are the environmental benefits and potential cost savings, especially for large lawn mowing operations.

Reduced Operating Costs

Propane-fueled mowers can reduce operating costs. These benefits include lower overall cost to operate, reduced maintenance due to stale fuel (gas), and potentially longer engine life.

When calculating total operating costs, landscape contractors are finding cost-savings in several additional ways:

  • Virtually eliminating fuel spillage
  • Virtually eliminating fuel leakage
  • Virtually eliminating fuel theft
  • Engine performance. Propane has will cut maintenance costs (oil changes) while allowing the engines to operate much cleaner, less carbon deposits in the engine, you will have fewer problems with a mower’s service life. Propane is approximately 110 octane or higher, which improves performance for the long run.
  • Choosing propane isn’t just about emissions, it’s also about savings, as liquid propane generally costs one-third less than gas or diesel fuel.

Environmental Benefits

Propane-fueled mowers reduce greenhouse gas emissions by almost 50% compared to gasoline, also an 80% reduction in carbon monoxide when compared to gasoline. With more and more governmental incentives promoting the use of ‘green’ alternatives, Wolff Specialties recognize that propane-powered equipment represents a new option in clean and efficient solutions to lawn and grounds care. Dan Wolff adds “Propane offers the same high-performance benefits of both gasoline and diesel, with the confidence that we are all moving forward in protecting our environment.

Mower Incentive Program/Propane Education & Research Council

Wolff Specialties can assist you in your productivity by converting your fleet. Go Green with Propane.


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