In Loving Memory

Tony "Papa" Fazio (1929-2014)

Papa was born in 1929 in Portland, Oregon to a large Italian family, he was 1 of 5 siblings. He said, “There are only two things in life I love, my family and farming”.

After his father passing when he was just 23 years old he took over the farm with one of his brother and their sister. In 1992 the two brothers bought their sister out and split the farm down the middle. Tony kept the original name “Fazio Farms” and continued growing potatoes, cucumbers and dill weed with his son Anthony.

When Anthony started the Corn Maze in 2010 Papa wasn’t sure what his role was, until we needed a tractor hayride driver, and boy was he excided. He loved to get the kids singing before taking off, and he was the only one who could! He’d get everyone singing so loud that people could hear then from the parking lot. On his famous tractor ride he would talk about the history of his family, pickles and the corn maze.

Up to his leaving he was still loading trucks, plowing the fields, working on machines, mowing the grass and more.

The Creator Behind The Corn Maze

Anthony started to transition into taking over the farm in 1984, with continuous help from his father Tony “Papa”. He decided to stop growing potato’s and focus on pickling cucumbers, dill and started blueberries.

In 1995 he decided to start marketing his father’s pickle recipe from when Tony had Columbia Pickling Co. They have become the best homemade raw pickles around.

In 2010 Anthony decided to start the Corn Maze. He said, “Why grow a corn maze on Sauvie Island when I can bring the corn maze to everyone in Portland”. Fazio Farms Corn Maze is the only corn maze within the city limits of Portland at around 8 acres.

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