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Propane Gives You The Power To Farm

Nearly 830,000 farms in the United States use propane, and with good reason. Propane is a reliable, efficient energy source that allows farmers to continue working through environmental regulations. With propane, farmers have the power to responsibly run operations in and out of the field.

Lower Costs

Farmers, like other businesses, are constantly striving to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Propane offers several solutions that can help do just that. Today's propane-powered irrigation engines are comparable in operation costs to electric motors — and considerably less to purchase than diesel irrigation engines. They can also significantly reduce fuel costs.

Fewer Emissions

Propane-powered irrigation systems produce 11 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel systems and 24 percent fewer than gasoline systems. Compared with other fuels, propane is a cleaner, more efficient way to fuel farms.

Propane is made in America, primarily from domestic natural gas, and we have plenty of it; in fact, the United States is a net exporter of propane, producing more than we actually use.

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